Monday, February 9, 2009

I See the Signs

Okay, not signs, but sign. The sign that is now actually planted in the front yard. Our house will be listed tonight and we just sit back and wait for the bidding wars to begin. The house looks fantastic and it should for all the work we have done in the past month or so. Yikes. I have to admit, I got a bit teary when our realtor planted the sign, but it had to happen. I liken it to childbirth, you know it is coming, but until it actually happens, you don't think about the pain. Hopefully, the analogy will continue with the excitement and joy of the new home somewhere that will be the result of the killing we will make in this awesome market. It is beyond bizarre to think that our house could potentially sell anytime and we will have no idea where we will be moving. An out-of-state move is a big deal, we have already done it twice, but we have never been so up in the air about things. Strrraaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnjjjjjeee (that's is "strange" with a sort of Frank-from-Father-of-the-Bride-like-accent)
I took a bunch of photos of the house today. Of course, we need photos for marketing, but I also just feel like I need to capture it all so we don't forget what it was like. I love this house. When we moved in, I thought we would spend the next 30+ years here, so it definitely is the first place we have lived that had that deep sense of home. ANYWAY, boo hoo hoo, wah, wah, wah, enough already.
As for things on the job front, Milan is still researching openings. For all we know, the job he gets isn't even posted yet. But, we have heard a bit from the church in San Antonio. They are looking over Milan's stuff tonight. Hopefully, they will get a good sense of who he is and whether or not he would be a good fit. We are truly praying for the right job, not just a job. With church ministry, that makes all the difference. AND I certainly don't want to find myself doing all of this again in a few years... Lord willing. I will keep the blog updated as we get feedback or make application to different places. I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on with us crazy Norgauers. At least, that is the case by the looks of my inbox. Thanks to all of you who truly have shown us tremendous support, by the way, it is appreciated.
The kids have the week off of school this week, so I am hoping to take Eli for his first day of skiing. We'll see if it all comes together, but I want to get him out there before we move to a state with a total elevation change of 10 feet and a low temperature of 65 degrees F. We'll see.
Well, I am going to sign off for now. I would like to point out that it has only been a few weeks since I posted last. I told you I would try. And now that the house is ready for market, I should be a little better as well.
Our House

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Stefany Gess said...

Wow! the house looks amazing. And thanks for the update. We are still praying.