Saturday, February 21, 2009

No News is ... Well, No News

Well, this has been a pretty quiet and uneventful week. I would have loved it to be a little more eventful with showings... it is ridiculous how slow this market is right now. We don't even have a destination yet, so it isn't like there is a big hurry to sell the house, but it is a bit disconcerting. I am trying to remember that God is sovereign in all of this and I don't need to stress out. Hopefully, we will start to get more action on the house as far as showings go and the rest will take care of itself.
Noah has his final recital and graduation tonight from Children's Music Academy. I am looking forward to him being done with the program... not nearly as much as he is, but I am proud of him for sticking with it to the end. Since Elijah will not be here for another year + to graduate, he would like to stop as well. It makes me a bit sad that he won't finish, but these are battles that I don't care to fight. I will save my ammunition for another day. I will try to post pictures from tonight in the next few days.
Our little Elf, Ellie, is doing well. She is a bit of roller-coaster with attachment lately, but she is doing some pretty funny stuff to keep us laughing. While none of our kids have seen the Lord of the Rings movies... too scary... they have read through some of the trilogy and enjoy doing their best "orc" voices. Ellie has mastered, "I smell Man Flesh!" in a pretty hysterical voice. We like to pull it out in restaurants. I must say it is a crack up.
On the job front, Milan is still in the process with a church in San Antonio as well as another near Grove City, PA. He is planning to send more applications out as well, but I don't think that has happened yet for more than these two. Thankfully, they have reciprocated interest and we will see where the process leads. Both actually seem to be a really good fit for Milan's skill set, philosophy of ministry and desires.
Church is rather strange on the weekends. Going from being the pastor and his family to temporary attenders at a church where we don't know many people and aren't planning to get too involved due to our circumstances, is bizaaarrrreeeee to say the least. Church is what brought us to Colorado and pretty much has consumed our time and lives since we arrived. All of the sudden, we are worshipping somewhere else and we are not seeing the people with whom we have served and cared for regularly, if at all. It feels a little isolating and I am looking forward to moving on and getting plugged back into a community. We still have dear friends here, but people are busy with work, family, their lives, etc and not having that standing time together once a week kind of stinks. Oh well, life changes and there is nothing to be done about it. I am looking forward to a fun evening with two of the best girlie-friends ever tomorrow night. It's a surprise, so I will have to fill in the details later.
Now that I have rambled a while on the oh-so-exciting details of my life of late, I will sign off. You'll just have to wait on pins and needles until next time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Update

So, today we had our first showing on the house. We just got back, so no feedback yet. I am just sort of glad to have the first one out of the way. It feels more like we are actually in the process now. I expect we may have more tomorrow, we'll see. Sundays seem to be the big day for looking according to our realtor.
I have to share this picture of Ellie. I was making lunch a few days ago and turned around to see she had climbed into my boots. It was hysterically funny... the picture doesn't quite capture it. It was like she was a Weeble sitting atop my boots.

I also had her haircut again on Thursday. It is looking more and more like an actual little hairstyle. I am posting another photo here of her little "bob." Her bangs have a ways to go, but it is really looking cute.

Things have been pretty good these past few weeks with Ellie and her attachment issues. She still has her daily meltdowns, but they are shorter and more infrequent. She even has said, "Sorry Daddy" afterwards meaning that she wants to go say that she is sorry to Milan for crying when he talked to her, picked her up, etc. She will go say, "Sorry" and pretty much settle down. I pray that these next months of all of us being together so much will hasten us along in this journey.
Our thanks continue to those of you that have been praying for us in this transition time. For the most part, all is truly well. Strange, but by God's grace, well.
Until next time...

Monday, February 9, 2009

I See the Signs

Okay, not signs, but sign. The sign that is now actually planted in the front yard. Our house will be listed tonight and we just sit back and wait for the bidding wars to begin. The house looks fantastic and it should for all the work we have done in the past month or so. Yikes. I have to admit, I got a bit teary when our realtor planted the sign, but it had to happen. I liken it to childbirth, you know it is coming, but until it actually happens, you don't think about the pain. Hopefully, the analogy will continue with the excitement and joy of the new home somewhere that will be the result of the killing we will make in this awesome market. It is beyond bizarre to think that our house could potentially sell anytime and we will have no idea where we will be moving. An out-of-state move is a big deal, we have already done it twice, but we have never been so up in the air about things. Strrraaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnjjjjjeee (that's is "strange" with a sort of Frank-from-Father-of-the-Bride-like-accent)
I took a bunch of photos of the house today. Of course, we need photos for marketing, but I also just feel like I need to capture it all so we don't forget what it was like. I love this house. When we moved in, I thought we would spend the next 30+ years here, so it definitely is the first place we have lived that had that deep sense of home. ANYWAY, boo hoo hoo, wah, wah, wah, enough already.
As for things on the job front, Milan is still researching openings. For all we know, the job he gets isn't even posted yet. But, we have heard a bit from the church in San Antonio. They are looking over Milan's stuff tonight. Hopefully, they will get a good sense of who he is and whether or not he would be a good fit. We are truly praying for the right job, not just a job. With church ministry, that makes all the difference. AND I certainly don't want to find myself doing all of this again in a few years... Lord willing. I will keep the blog updated as we get feedback or make application to different places. I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on with us crazy Norgauers. At least, that is the case by the looks of my inbox. Thanks to all of you who truly have shown us tremendous support, by the way, it is appreciated.
The kids have the week off of school this week, so I am hoping to take Eli for his first day of skiing. We'll see if it all comes together, but I want to get him out there before we move to a state with a total elevation change of 10 feet and a low temperature of 65 degrees F. We'll see.
Well, I am going to sign off for now. I would like to point out that it has only been a few weeks since I posted last. I told you I would try. And now that the house is ready for market, I should be a little better as well.
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