Saturday, June 30, 2007

Off to Breckenridge

Breckenridge 07
We spent four beautiful days in Breckenridge, CO this past week enjoying time together with our little family. Highlights included night hiking, river rafting, the alpine slide and time in the pool. I have to say that the alpine slide was pretty cool. Imagine racing down a type of bobsledding or louging (sp?) run without the ice on a wheeled sled. Good times. "If you have the means, we highly recommend [it]." Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986)

We are always so amazed at the beauty of God's creation and we are so thankful for the time we get to spend out in the midst of it. We love living in Colorado and living so close to these incredible Rocky Mountains is a big part of why.

Now time for confessions. I was really looking forward to getting away for a few days- getting away from the computer and my obsession with finding out the-up-to-the-minute reports on what is happening in China. We left the laptop at home and thought I could make it a whole four days without checking in. Of course, I couldn't make it. Thankfully, I have sucked Mom into the cyber-chase and she was able to fill me in over the phone. Thanks Mom. I really needed a fix.

Speaking of the latest... We are still expecting to receive our referral this month. Last month, we barely missed the cut-off, and should be in this month. That means in the next 5-10 days we should be getting a call and we will finally see the little face we have been praying for. We are really getting excited. My to-do list is getting long really quickly. I am going to need to keep really busy this week or else I will drive my poor family crazy! Please continue to pray for our family and for our little Ella Grace as we wait to bring her home!

Hey Batter, Batter, Batter

Elijah's Baseball

Elijah was thrilled to begin baseball season last week. He has had a great time and is too cute in his little uniform. He is doing really well, has a great attitude, and has a terrific coach. It is so much fun to see your children enjoying themselves. In Elijah's first game, he scored twice and didn't even run the wrong way around the bases. It is fun to watch when the kids are in the outfield. Fielding the ball somewhat resembles a scrum in rugby. It is a bloopers reel waiting to happen.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Elijah is Five, ARRGHH!

Elijah turned five this week. Can you guess the theme of his party and most of his gifts? Here he is modeling the latest in pirate-wear right down to the nasty face. With the long hair, it gives me a little idea of what a bio daughter would look like!
We had a great time with some of Captain Eli's friends at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza parlor. It was actually far less torturous than I expected. I highly recommend the weekday party over a weekend. Far less likely to experience a mutiny (of the parents that is). Seriously though, Elijah had a great time and it was fun to celebrate him. He is a bundle of personality- only partially evidenced by said photo. He is my big snuggly, rough and tumbly, belly laughing, ball of fire, and we love him dearly. Happy Birthday, big guy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty-Six....

Feeling somewhat reminiscent of high school, I have been having trouble sleeping lately. My mind is moving a million miles per hour and I can't seem to slow it down. When I took my last work project, I was so glad that the timing would cause me to be completely absorbed in work until after we got our referral. Unfortunately, as my work is almost completed, my mind has taken to wandering. The crazy part is, now is the time I should be taking advantage of sleep. Who knows what awaits me once we bring home our little peanut. If she is anything like her brothers, there will be months of sleepless nights ahead. Well, you know me. I like to be prepared. Consider it practice for the months ahead.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

IT'S A... Painting!

Well, we didn't get our referral this month, but we did get the painting Doug finished for Eliana's nursery. I LOVE it!! It is exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be more pleased. Doug is an incredible artist and I really appreciate him taking time away from his normal body of work in order to do this for us.

A View to the Future

I follow the (The Rumor Queen) site pretty closely and she is somewhat of a statistics junkie. Anyway, she has crunched the numbers based on recent trends and this is what she has come up with. Unfortunately, this doesn't provide much encouragement to those adopting from China in general, BUT it does get us our referral in July. With an LID of Nov. 9, it is a strange thing to be thrilled to be the "horrid case scenario!"

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Did you know?

Gestational Periods for Selected Mammals

Hippopotamus 238 days
California Sea lion 350 days
Black Rhinoceros 450 days
White Rhinoceros 480 days
Asian Elephant 645 days
African Elephant 660 days
The Norgauers 753 days and counting...

Missed it by thaaat much!!!

Well, it is official. Our agency called today and told us that they didnt get any traditional program referrals this month. People with Login dates up to November 7 were matched according to the Rumor Queen site, but our agency's next date is November 8. We are November 9. SOOO, to make a short story long, we missed the cut-off by 2 days. Because 2 days is the smallest group ever done by the CCAA, we are all but guaranteed our match next month. So, first week of July it is. I am trying to be more positive today. Had a lot of trouble with that yesterday. This wait just gets to me sometimes. When we started the wait was 6 months, so I feel like I am pregnant, but 14 months overdue. At least my feet aren't swollen this time.

What the Boys Have to Say

The boys had a few things to say today about their baby sister. This is a first time attempt at uploading video to this blog, so give me a little grace if it is a flop.
You are supposed to just be able to push play.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today was Noah's first baseball game of the season. It was nice to get outside- away from work and the temptation to keep checking the internet for rumors of referrals. Noah did really well and had the first hit and score of the game. He looks so cute in his uniform. His team is called the Bees.

Elijah is looking forward to starting his very first baseball season ever in a few weeks. He wanted to have his picture taken in his new cleats and baseball pants... a little too big, I think. Of course, he tried to find the shirt that he had that was closest to Noah's. I am sooooo thankful for these little guys and I am realizing I don't take enough pictures of those beautiful smiles.

At lunch after the game, Elijah prayed for our meal and said, "Thank you God for Noah and Mommy and Daddy and that our baby sister is coming home soon." I pray that he is right. We should know in the next few days definitively whether or not we will be referred in June. Like I said before, I am not expecting it anymore, but I guess there is always hope. I will keep everybody posted.