Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Update

So, today we had our first showing on the house. We just got back, so no feedback yet. I am just sort of glad to have the first one out of the way. It feels more like we are actually in the process now. I expect we may have more tomorrow, we'll see. Sundays seem to be the big day for looking according to our realtor.
I have to share this picture of Ellie. I was making lunch a few days ago and turned around to see she had climbed into my boots. It was hysterically funny... the picture doesn't quite capture it. It was like she was a Weeble sitting atop my boots.

I also had her haircut again on Thursday. It is looking more and more like an actual little hairstyle. I am posting another photo here of her little "bob." Her bangs have a ways to go, but it is really looking cute.

Things have been pretty good these past few weeks with Ellie and her attachment issues. She still has her daily meltdowns, but they are shorter and more infrequent. She even has said, "Sorry Daddy" afterwards meaning that she wants to go say that she is sorry to Milan for crying when he talked to her, picked her up, etc. She will go say, "Sorry" and pretty much settle down. I pray that these next months of all of us being together so much will hasten us along in this journey.
Our thanks continue to those of you that have been praying for us in this transition time. For the most part, all is truly well. Strange, but by God's grace, well.
Until next time...


Stefany Gess said...

Such a cute haircut! I can't believe the first showing already! I am sure they loved it.

Grace said...

now that is funny!! ..and I love the little bob!